Safety at School

Signing Your Children In and Out

300-Activitiy-Dhunter3When bringing your child in each morning, state law requires that we have you sign your child in.  Also, you must personally take your child to their teacher in their classroom.  We will release your child only to parents or guardians with legal custody or persons over the age of 18 who are designated on your enrollment information.

When you come to pick up your child in the afternoon we again ask you to sign out.  Adults other than parents will be required to show ID.  If you arrive after closing time, we do charge a late pick up fee.  If you are more than one hour late and we are unable to reach an emergency contact the police and child protective services will be called.  Daily reminders are posted on a white board in the entrance, and notices and newsletters are available at the sign-in table.  Please read the posted information as it pertains to the daily functions at school.

Safe Release of Children

Once enrolled at Blue Lake or Little Blue Preschool, you will be given a personal code to enter the preschool.  We ask that you do not give this code to any other person that may be picking up your child.  Once that person rings the doorbell we will check their ID, have them sign your child out, and assist them in getting your child’s belongings gathered.  No child will be permitted to leave the preschool without an authorized adult.  To ensure that Blue Lake Preschool is in compliance with any court orders pertaining to the custody of your child, we require a certified copy of a custody order.  We keep this information confidential and solely for the safety of your child.  If a new custody order is issued or if a restraining order has been issued against either parent, we will also need that information on file.  It is our policy to remain neutral in all custody matters and we may not serve as a visitation site.

Procedure for Identifying Location of Children

An accurate attendance sheet is kept throughout the day. A count of the children in each class is made at regular intervals.  If a child is lost or missing the staff responsible will immediately inform the Director. If the child is not located within a few minutes, the police will be called and the parents will be notified.

Transporting Children

Blue Lake and Little Blue Preschools utilize four 14 passenger multi-purpose school activity buses to transport children while on field trips and to pick-up schoolage children from school.  While on the buses children are expected to stay in their seats, facing forward, with their seat belts fastened.  For safety reasons there is no eating while on the bus.  Children’s backpacks or belongings are to stay under the seat in front of them to keep the isle clear.  All buses are equipped with first aid and emergency kits and all drivers have first aid and CPR training.  In the case of an emergency the driver will call for assistance, either to 911 or to the preschool, depending on the situation.  All drivers carry cell phones for this reason.

In Case of an Accident

We take every precaution to make sure your child is safe.  Our ratios are below state regulations and we do frequent inspections and maintenance of the building, the playground, and our equipment.  But because kids will be kids, accidents may happen.  When they do, and we feel medical attention is necessary, we may call emergency personnel and then call you or your designated contact.  We recommend you call your health insurance company for reimbursement of the related medical costs.  Just in case, we also provide supplemental accident insurance to reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by your medical or dental insurance.

Community Disaster Policy

To prepare for the protection of the children and staff in the event of a natural or human caused emergency or disaster, we have regular drills and practices so your child can react in a safe and orderly manner.  If an actual emergency requires evacuation of our center, we will notify you by phone or email as soon as the children are safe.  In cases when we close due to severe weather, it will be announced on local radio and TV stations.

Please see your individual classroom for evacuation/disaster plans, as they do vary by age group/classroom and for security reasons we do not publish the bulk of this information. We request all parents to be familiar with their child’s plans specific to their classrooms and to tune in to designated local media for information and instructions during an emergency.