Brave Badgers (2½ to 4 Years Old)

Two Teachers For Eighteen Children (State Ratio = 1:10)

We provide a safe environment for the children to have fun, explore their creativity, and make friends. We feel that building self-esteem is vital for them to grow and mature. We encourage this by respecting them as individuals and assisting them in problem solving, self help skills, and effective communication.

A child may join this room even if they are not potty trained.

We provide encouragement through consistency and positive reinforcement. We believe that the classroom belongs to the children and should be structured in a way that caters to their needs and interests.

Science, art, dramatic play, math & manipulatives, blocks, music, and language centers are permanently set up in the classroom. The children are free to move around and explore their interests without time limitations.

We want your child to look forward to and feel confident about being a part of our big, exciting world.